Indie Orquesta Latina



Volcán is a 13 piece South Texas based latin indie orchestra formed in late 2014. The group boasts a full rhythm section (comprised of drums, congas, bongos, timbales, piano, and bass), a full brass section (comprised of trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, and mellophone), a state champion accordionist, a prolific lead guitarist, and best-in-class vocals. Volcán is all original, opting never to use covers despite their dedication to bringing traditional cultural sounds to a new generation of Latinos.

From the group: "we hold ourselves to a very high standard, Creating pieces of music that stretch the definition of what traditional latin music can be and modernizing our favorite classic sounds for a younger audience is an enormous cultural responsibility and we gladly accept the challenge."

Artists Volcán has shared the stage with (only Grammy award winners listed): Tito puente Jr., Jimmy Gonzales y Grupo Mazz, And Flaco Jimenez.

Volcán is a Sound Puzzle entertainment group.